Farpoint Bundle and Price Confirmed – £74.99 RRP

For lowest current Farpoint prices, of Farpoint bundle with aim controller + game and game alone, please see table at the bottom of the page.

On the PlayStation VR front this week, the biggest news has been about Farpoint.  Release date has been confirmed as May 17th.  Pricing has also been confirmed (please see bottom of the page for UK lists, will keep you posted about discount codes!).

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PlayStation VR Peripherals

Here’s a run down of peripherals available for PlayStation VR.  By peripherals, I mean controllers, cameras and other devices you can use PSVR in conjunction with.

I’ve attempted to list best prices available and to describe what each is used for.  I will update prices and discount codes wherever I can. Current Tesco codes will not work with racing wheels as they are sold through a third party.

For games, please don’t forget my extensive list PlayStation VR games available for pre-order.

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Super Stardust Ultra VR Not Looking at all Like I Expected

EB Games in Australia  have got physical copies of Super Stardust Ultra available for pre-order on their website already:


I had imagined that it was going to be similar to the original Super Stardust game, perhaps with some kind of 3D globe.

Along with the pre-order listing EB Games have posted some screenshots of the new VR game and how wrong I was!

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