I’ve been scouring the internet for PlayStation VR accessories that can be bought now and their lowest prices.  This is a complication of the useful and the weird and wonderful things I have found.

PSVR is so close now!  I expect your mind may be wandering down a similar path to mine.  How to set your gaming space up.  How to store the HMD and how best to look after it.  I hope this page might give you some inspiration.

I expect there will be more accessories to come.  When I see more I will keep adding them.  Don’t forget also my list of PSVR games and PSVR peripherals.  If you would like updated about any of these lists, then please follow me on Twitter @miss_molotov.

17/10/2016 – Added Navitech Rugged Black Backpack for PSVR and Pro

12/10/2016 4:40 – Licenced case added at GAME.  Universal stand added.  Snakebyte range of accessories added.  Cleaning kits added.

Will come back to these two at ShopTo, just no info about them.  PlayStation VR Storage Case and Headset stand for PlayStation VR.

09/10/2016 20:15 Shehei’s case photo added.  14:07 – Gameware/Nubskull stand added.  Officially licenced case photo added.

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Stands and Chargers

Dynamo Charging Stand

Charging station with mains adapter.
Holds the PSVR headset, as well as charging two Move controllers and one Dualshock 4.
Also has two additional USB ports.

Amazon £29.99

base.com £29.99

ShopTo £29.86 (in stock soon)

GAMEWare VR (Numbskull?) Headset Stand

Appears to be made of two interlocking perspex sheets.  Says gameware in the title, but appears to say Numbskull in the photo on the base.

GAME £19.99

 PlayStation VR Gameware Numbskull Stand

Venom Universal VR Headset Stand and Organiser

Universal VR headset stand which fits PSVR.

base.com £19.99

ShopTo £18.85


snakebyte Playstaion VR Stand

Storage stand for PlaystationVR. Also fits for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and other VR units.

Maybe snakebyte is the same as Venom?

Amazon £19.99

No photo available yet.

Sony Move Charging Station

Official PlayStation Move charging dock.  Takes two move controllers.

Amazon £14.00

Gametech Breakout Box Vertical Stand

Stand that holds breakout box in a vertical position, so if you have your PS4 vertically they can match!

Play Asia £14.11

 PlayStation VR Breakout Box Vertical Stand

Clear Glass Head

If you already have charging docks a glass head is quite a nice way of displaying and storing the headset.  It’s weighty enough not to be knocked over.

Amazon [third party] £22.50

Opaque Black Glass Head

Some may prefer opaque glass heads to prevent any possible sunlight burn accidents with the screen.  These skull shaped heads would fit that purpose well.

Amazon [third party] £28.50

Opaque White Glass Head

White glass skull.

Amazon [third party] £28.50

Opaque Silver Glass Head

Silver glass skull.

Amazon [third party] £30.50

Cases and Boxes

Navitech Headset and Accessories Carrying Case / Travel Bag / Backpack

I like this is quite a stealthy PSVR carry case, with no PlayStation logos that I can see  on the outside.  A good thing if you need to travel with your PSVR.

Amazon £24.99

Tesco £24.99

Officially Licensed Premium Protection Case for PSVR

Padded zip closure soft case.

Another view from Shuhei.  Appears to have  a carrying hand on the top/back.

Amazon £29.99


Officially Licensed PlayStation VR Storage Bag

Storage bag with carrying strap and internal zip pockets.

Amazon TBC

365games £34.99

base.com £39.99

Gameseek £35.78

Zavvi £39.99

PlayStation VR Hard Travel Case with Lock

Hard case for PlayStation VR.  Has lock with a key and removable trays inside.

Amazon TBC

365games £69.99

base.com £74.99

Gameseek £72.57

Zavvi £79.99

snakebyte Playstaion VR Case

“Protects PlaystationVR against dirt and damage. With carabiner and lanyard”. Not sure how you protect something with lanyard, but there you go! xD

Amazon £29.99

No photo available yet.

Navitech Rugged Black Backpack for PSVR and Pro

Back pack designed to hold both PlayStation VR and PlayStation Pro.  Water resistant (not waterproof) and shockproof, with pockets for accessories.

Amazon £49.99

Starter Kits, Lens and Headset Protectors
Playstation VR Starter Kit

Starter kit contains a USB cable (micro, mini? It doesn’t say).
Lens Protectors, DualShock Controller Silicone Jacket, Cleaning Cloth, camera clip (for old style camera by the looks of it) and cable tidy (velcro strap?).

The most useful looking part looks like the lens protectors.  Though the lenses are glass not plastic, so I am not sure how necessary they are.

Gameseek £14.62

The Hut £14.99

Zavvi £14.99

 PlayStation VR Starter Kit

Gameteach Anti-Fouling Mask

These anti-fouling masks I wrote about in my post on unusual PSVR accessories.  At the time of writing I could only find them for sale on Amazon Japan, but I have now found them for sale to us in the UK!

They’re washable and designed to protect your PSVR from grease and dirt.

Play Asia £10.97

 PlayStation VR Mask Front

snakebyte Playstaion VR Guard Pro

“protective covers for PlayStationVR. protects face padding from dirt and damages. improves hygiene. easily fitted. machine washable.”

Amazon £24.99

No photo available yet.

Green Screen/Chorma Key Screen

I’m not yet 100% convinced using cleaning fluid on PSVR is a good idea. But in the interests of completeness I have included them.

snakebyte Playstaion VR Cleaning Kit

Set includes 1x cleaning cloth, 1x cleaning spray and 5x antibacterial wipes. Also for controllers and consoles.

Amazon £9.99

No image available yet.

GAMEWare VR Cleaning Kit

GAME £4.99

PlayStation VR - Gameware Clean

Green Screen/Chorma Key Screen
3m x 3m Green Screen

It was mentioned in the RIGS live stream I believe, that streaming video of yourself playing PSVR along with the game play is possible.  Though I don’t think it is mentioned in the official FAQ.

If you want to give it a crack, a green screen is a good idea.  This allows you to film yourself but not the background and the room you are sitting in, which looks much more professional.

A lot of screens are only 1.6m side, which I think may not be big enough for an averagely sized person to full extend there arms.  This one is 3m x 3m which should be tall and wide enough for most people to film a seated experience.

There is a tutorial here.

Amazon £10.29

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