I’ve found some quite weird and wonderful PlayStation VR things, during my daily trawls for PSVR news.  Hygiene masks are the latest.

PlayStation VR Washable Masks

Amazon Japan are selling masks designed to prevent getting dirt or grease on your PlayStation VR, costing ¥ 1,296 (approximately £9.50), or £11.53 at Play Asia.

PlayStation VR Mask Front

PlayStation VR Mask front of packaging.

Made by GAMETECH, it’s features are described as:

  • It protects firmly from the dirt of the PSVR headset, such as sweat and cosmetics.
  • Stretch firmly fit there. When using the headphone does not get in the way.
  • It is ideal for use of the headset of a plurality of persons. In addition, you can use always clean and washable.

(please excuse the Google translate English).

‘Plurality’ suggests that it is designed to be used if sharing the headset with multiple users.  It’s  reusable and can be washed.

PlayStation VR Mask Back of Packaging

Back of packaging of PlayStation VR mask.

It resembles a sort of half length balaclava.  But unlike a balaclava it has ear holes as well, to allow for using headphones.

PlayStation VR Mask on head.

View of PlayStation VR mask on a head.

As with most items of apparel bought on the internet.  I suspect it looks less weird on the model that it does in real life!

Breathing looks a little problematic too, with it covering the manikin’s nose.

PlayStation VR Mask on Head

PlayStation VR mask shown worn with headset on top.

Disposable Headset Protectors

Disposable solutions appear to be more popular, which brings me on to ‘dirty sheet set VR‘ as Google translate puts it’s so eloquently.  I think a better description is stick on disposable headset protectors.  Also made by GAMETECH, costing ¥ 1,728 (£12.70).

Stick-on headset protectors

GAMETECH disposable stick-on headset protectors designed for PlayStation VR.

More discrete than first the mask, this set comprises of two types of pad.  A protector for the forehead which fixes inside the headset and another pair of protectors for the nose area.  These must be the most likely places for skin to touch the inside of the headset.

Stick on protectors inside headset

Headset protectors in situ.

Closest UK Equivalents

Should this idea appeal to the more hygiene conscious of you, the closest I have see for sale in the UK are Jackie disposable virtual reality hygiene masks for VR (£11.99 for 50, or £20.99 for 100).

This mask is composed of non-woven fabric and has loops at the sides to hold it in place around the ears.  It quite closely resembles a surgeon’s mask, but for your eyes instead of mouth!

Jackie Hygiene Mask for VR

View of Jackie disposable hygiene mask for VR on it’s own.

I can’t say it looks like the most comfortable contraption to wear on one’s face.  Might make playing a game feel more like going to the dentist’s for some work.

Jackie Hygiene Mask for VR on Face

Shows how the Jackie hygiene mask is designed to be worn.

It has the advantage over the PlayStation VR mask of being completely disposable.  However it won’t do much to help if you or your friends suffer from greasy hair.

Jackie Hygiene Mask for VR with Headset

Mask shown with VR headset worn on top.

Saving the Best for Last

This mask is the wackiest, but definitely has the most style.

It strongly reminded me of a certain PlayStation VR trailer by Rocksteady:

I remember after seeing it many people saying ‘were can I get the ears!’

Well, here, sort of.

This Batman shaped hygiene mask really will help you to ‘be the Batman’! (£19.99 for 50)

Jackie Batman shaped hygiene mask for VR.

Front view of the Jackie Batman shaped hygiene mask.

Okay, well it doesn’t quite look as cool as the one in the trailer.  But this one will keep your PSVR clean as well as being a Batman mask.  You can’t say that for the one in the trailer now, can you?

Jackie Hygiene Batman Mask Side View

Side view of the Jackie Batman hygiene mask.

This one actually looks a little better with the headset on top.  Certainly less clinical.

Jackie Hygiene Mask with VR Headset on top.

Batman mask with VR headset on top.

What do you think.  Will you be donning a mask for reasons for sanitation or will you be making your friends put one on before they can borrow your headset?  Or does an excuse to wear a Batman mask bring out your inner child?

As always, love to hear your thoughts and opinions.  Let me know on Twitter (@miss_molotov) or leave a comment below  🙂

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