Here’s a run down of peripherals available for PlayStation VR.  By peripherals, I mean controllers, cameras and other devices you can use PSVR in conjunction with.

I’ve attempted to list best prices available and to describe what each is used for.  I will update prices and discount codes wherever I can. Current Tesco codes will not work with racing wheels as they are sold through a third party.

For games, please don’t forget my extensive list PlayStation VR games available for pre-order.


24/10/2016 14:54 – V1 camera no longer stocked anywhere.  V2 camera price increase at Argos, Zavvi and decreased at ShopTo.  Camera extension cable out of stock.  Move twin packs out of stock everywhere.  Single move increased at Amazon, decrease at GAME.  Massive price increased on Move Starter Packs.  Aim gun price added @  Game no longer stocking Logitech wheel.  Various wheel price increases. DS4 increased everywhere except ShopTo, Tesco and Gameseek where it has decreased.

07/10/2016 – Move twin pack added @ and Argos.  Price drops at Amazon and Gameseek.  Single move price increase at Amazon.  Price drop on third party v1 camera @ GAME.  V2 camera added at The Hut.    Price dropped at Argos.  Camera clip and starter pack prices updated.

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PlayStation Cameras

A PS4 camera is required to use PlayStation VR, so if you’re getting PSVR you’re definitely going to need to buy one if you don’t have one.  Unlike in the US,  in the UK there is no official  bundle which contains both the headset and camera.

The camera is used to track the position of the headset and the controllers you are using while playing the game.  PSVR will not work without the camera doing this tracking.

A new PlayStation Camera was announced at the PlayStation meeting on the 7th of September 2016.

They differences between the two are purely atheistic.  Shuhei Yoshida confirmed they are both exactly the same inside, they just have different plastic outer shells.

Old Vs New PlayStation 4 Camera.

A front view of the old vs new PlayStation 4 camera. Old on the left, new on the right. Though they look quite different, they have the same camera gubbins inside, say’s Shuhei Yoshida.

PlayStation 4 Camera Old vs New Side view.

A side new of old vs new PlayStation 4 (PS4) camera. The new camera is photographed on the stand, whereas the old is shown without the stand.

The only small unknown about the camera is whether or not the EU/UK version will come with the clip that attaches it to the TV.  The older version  of the camera did come with a stand in the US, but did not in the UK.  As you can see in my unboxing video:

If you are very concerned about getting an official camera clip, the newer camera is a better bet.  The older style is also going out of stock in a lot of places.  Currently the cheapest camera is the v1 at Argos.

PS4 Camera V1 (Old Style Square)

Amazon [third party seller] £48.98
[Dropped from £52.40 24/10/2016]

Argos £39.99 no longer stocked

Currys PC World £39.99 OOS

GAME [third party seller] £67.95
[price dropped from £79.58 07/10/2016]

Gameseek £49.56

ShopTo £39.98 – currently OOS but says “Expected to be back In Stock”

Tesco £39.00 OOS / Third Party £54.99

Zavvi £48.99

365games £41.99 OOS

PS4 Camera V2 (New Style Round)

Amazon £39.00
[dropped from £44.99 26/09/2016]

Argos £43.99
[increased from £42.99 24/10/2016]
dropped from £43.99 08/10/2016]

GAME £44.99

Gameseek £44.99

ShopTo £42.85
[dropped from £44.86 24/10/2016]

The Hut £54.99

Tesco £39.00

Zavvi £49.99
[increased from £42.99 24/10/2016]
[dropped back from £48.99 26/09/2016]
[increased from £42.99 26/09/2016]

Camera Accessories

4Gamers Camera Clip (for old style square camera)

Officially licenced.  For the old style square camera (v1).

Amazon [third party] £9.55
[price increased from £7.29 08/10/2016]

Argos £12.99 OOS no longer stocked. £11.99

GAME £9.97 [third party]

Gameseek £12.58

The camera has a 2 metre cable attached to it.  If you need to move it further away from your PlayStation, you can buy a 2 metre extension cable to extend it to 4 metres in total.

Remember the camera does not need to be in front of your TV.  Put it where you have the most space to play.

The PS4 camera cable is a proprietary USB 3 cable.  USB 3 starts slowing down when extended past 3 metres due to attenuation, so this is probably the longest you want to go.

2 Metre Camera Extension Cable

Amazon £11.49 OOS

PlayStation Move Controllers

PlayStation Move controllers are not required to play the majority of PSVR games, but they will improve the experience.  Especially in games where you are performing a task that would require two hands in real life.

There are several ways to buy PlayStation move controllers.  The latest version comes in a two pack with PlayStation VR branding:

PlayStation Move Twin Pack PSVR

Twin pack of PlayStation Move controllers with PlayStation VR branding.

PlayStation Move started off life as a PlayStation 3 controller.  These were originally sold singly:

Single PlayStation Move Controller

Single PlayStation Move controller with PS3 branding.

Or in a starter pack with the PS3 camera and demo disc:

PlayStation Move Starter Pack

PlayStation Move starter pack with PlayStation Eye PS3 camera.  The PS3 camera does not work with PlayStation VR or PS4.

I suspect they come in a twin pack now because used with PlayStation VR they will mostly be used in pairs.  With PS3 they could be used in pairs or on their own, but the majority of the time the experience was better with two.  If you are going to buy move controllers, I would suggest buying two.

All of these variations of Move controller packs will work with PlayStation VR, they just have different packaging and branding.  There is no difference between the controllers themselves, aside from the SKU code.

The newer Move controllers still have the same mini USB connectors as the old ones.  They are the older bigger type that Dualshock 3 for PlayStation 3 uses.  Not the more modern smaller micro USB connectors that the Dualshock 4 uses.

I suppose the advantage of buying the newer twin pack is that you know the batteries will be in good condition.  Move controllers first came out in 2010, so it’s possible the batteries in the older boxes may be 6 years old at this point.

Second hand controllers are much cheaper, but they batteries may be 6 years old and somewhat abused.  So you take your chances there.  Mine are that old and work fine, but I know exactly where mine have been and how they have been treated.  I know others that have not been so lucky.

PlayStation Move Twin Pack with PSVR Branding

Amazon £68.99 OOS but pre-orderable. No date given.
[dropped from £69.99 07/10/2016]

Argos £68.99 OOS

Curry’s £69.99 £67.99 OOS

GAME £69.99 OOS

GAME Third Party £129.99!!  Don’t do it, robbing scalpers! 

Gameseek £68.50 OOS
[dropped from £68.60 07/10/2016]

Shopto £67.85 OOS but available to back order. No date given.

Tesco £65.41 OOS
[Dropped from £69.00 24/10/2016]

PlayStation Move Single Controller with PS3 Branding

Amazon £42.99 now Third Party Only
[Price increased from £32.45 on 26/09/2016]
[Price increased from £31.95 on 26/09/2016]
[Price increased from £29.99 on 26/09/2016]

GAME £43.99 now Third Party Only
[Price dropped from £44.99 on 26/09/2016]
[Price increased from £29.99 on 26/09/2016]

PlayStation Move Starter Pack with PS3 Branding

Amazon [third party seller] £72.28 older version in blue box.
[price increased from £52.28 08/10/2016]
[price increased from £46.96 08/10/2016]

Amazon [third party seller] £62.45 newer version in white box.
[price increased from £49.49 08/10/2016]
[price increased from £46.48 08/10/2016]

GAME [third party seller] £81.99 newer version white box.

Move Docking Stations

Docking stations for move controllers are quite handy.  Move wands are quite prone to rolling off the edge of tables and they take longer than a dualshock controller to charge.  So I find it very useful to dock them overnight when I am done using them.

The official docking stations use mains power rather than USB, which I prefer.  Keeps USB ports free.

I believe the power adapters double up as PSP/Vita chargers, but don’t quote me on that!  I’ve never tried it.

PlayStation Move Charging Station

Amazon £24.99 [third party]
[price increased from £14.20 24/10/2016]

GAME £22.99 

Gameseek £26.99

For Move, Dualshock 4 chargers and headset stands all in one, please see accessories.

Move USB Charging Cables

Move controllers come with mini USB cables to charge them with.  But I like having some extra long ones kicking around, so I can carry on playing if the battery dies while using them.

I like 5m ones, but 3m is probably long enough.  I usually find the cheap and cheerful ones do the job perfectly.  Here’s a selection of cheaper and more premium long mini USB cables.

Long Mini USB cables

Amazon [third party] £1.67 3m generic.

Amazon [third party] £3.37 3m ORB branded.

Amazon £6.36 3m LINDY branded.

Amazon [third party] £1.82 5m generic.

Amazon [third party] £5.52 5m LINDY branded, transparent.

Amazon [third party] £7.99 5m CSL, braided.

Aim Controller (Gun)

Price for the Aim controller isn’t yet known.  In fact the only game we know for sure that is compatible with the Aim controller is Farpoint.

I expect there will be some bundles with the game and the controller included, but there is no information yet.  I will keep you posted!

Aim Controller

Amazon Price TBC £99.99

Racing Wheels

I haven’t been lucky enough to try any of these racing wheels yet, so I have included reviews from Trusted Reviews, which also links through to reevoo user reviews.

Logitech G29 is the only wheel here with a clutch pedal.  A clutch pedal is not needed for Driveclub, so I believe it won’t be needed for Driveclub VR either.  Games that do are things like Euro Truck Simulator on PC and to a lesser extent, Assetto Corsa.

Most people tend to agree that force feedback greatly improves the experience of using a racing wheel.

Logitech Driving Force G29 Racing Wheel

Trusted Reviews Score 8/10


  • Three pedals
  • 900° wheel rotation
  • Force feedback
  • Leather cover
  • Stainless steel on wheel shifters
  • Separate gear shifter available
  • RPM/shift indicator LEDs (that you won’t see when playing PSVR!)
  • Compatible with PS3, PS4 & PC

Amazon £179.99 or £221.43 with shifter

Currys £179.99 alone

GAME £299.99 alone. No longer stocked

Logitech Driving Force Shifter for G29 and G920 Racing Wheels

This is not compatible with Driveclub.

Amazon £44.24
[Increased from £41.41 24/10/2016]

Currys PC World £49.99

Thrustmaster T300 RS Official Force Feedback Wheel

Trusted Review score 9/10

  • Two fully adjustable metal pedals
  • Rotation adjustable from 270° to 1080°
  • 28cm diameter
  • Force feedback
  • Re-inforced rubber texture on the wheel’s entire circumference
  • Two metal on wheel shifters
  • Compatible with PS3, PS4 & PC

Amazon £249.99

Argos £259.99

GAME £263.48 [third party]
[increased from £220.41 24/10/2016]

Tesco £259.99 [third party]

Thrustmaster T150 Steering Wheel

Trusted Reviews score 8/10

  • Two plastic pedals
  • Adjustable rotation from 270° to 1080°
  • 28 cm diameter
  • Force Feedback
  • Rubber coated grips
  • Two on wheel shifters
  • Compatible with PS3, PS4 & PC

Amazon £136.62 [blue] / £130.00 [Ferrari]
[increased from £132.86 / £121.86 24/10/2016]

Argos £169.99

GAME £138.38 [third party]
[increased from £132.49 24/10/2016]

Tesco £149.99 [blue, third party] / £144.99 [Ferrari, third party]

Thrustmaster T80 Racing Wheel

Trusted Reviews have not reviewed this wheel, so I have linked to this wheels Amazon reviews.

  • Two pedals
  • Conflicting information about wheel rotation
  • No force feedback
  • Rubber coated grips
  • On wheel shifters
  • Compatible with PS3 & PS4

Amazon £68.61
[dropped from £69.99 24/10/2016]

Argos £69.99

GAME £69.99 [third party]
[increased from £61.79 24/0/2016]

Gameseek £67.38

Tesco £66.00 [third party]

Zavvi £69.99 no longer sold

Dualshock 4

Last but definitely not least, the good old [new] Dualshock 4!  I’d be quite surprised if you own a PS4 and don’t have one of these, but it wouldn’t be right to miss it out.  Since just about every PSVR game will be compatible with the DS4.

The PlayStation Meeting brought us the new v2 DS4.  The newer controller has a transparent gap in the touch pad, so that the light from the light bar can shine through. The only purpose of this is to identify player 1 and player 2 controllers more easily. It is not used for tracking.

You can also use the v2 controller with a USB cable, which gives it very slightly lower latency than using it with bluetooth.

So far it only appears to be available in black.

New Dualshock 4 V2

Amazon £39.80
[increased from £34.99 24/10/2016]
[dropped from £49.99 30/09/2016]

Argos £49.99

[increased from £39.99 24/10/2016]
[dropped from £49.99 30/09/2016]

GAME £44.99
[increased from £34.99 24/10/2016]
[dropped from £49.99 29/09/2016]

ShopTo £37.86
[dropped from £44.86 24/10/2016]

Gameseek £39.75
[dropped from £54.75 24/10/2016]

Tesco £47.00
[dropped from £55.00 24/10/2016]

Dualshock 4 Charging Dock

Amazon £22.40

Argos £24.99

GAME £30.69 [third party]
[increased from £23.57 24/10/2016]

Gameseek £26.89
[increased from £21.99 24/10/2016]

Tesco £23.74
[dropped from £25.00 24/10/2016]

Zavvi £25.99

365games £26.49

For Move, Dualshock 4 chargers and headset stands all in one, please see accessories.

Am I missing any peripherals you would like to see?  Any comments or suggestions please get in touch using the form below, or give me a shout on Twitter @miss_molotov.

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