Transcription and screenshots from the PlayStation VR segment of today’s Tokyo Game Show 2017 live stream in English.

The PlayStation VR segment started with a sizzle reel, showing already released PSVR games.  It included the following:

Eagle Flight

Ocean Descent



Rush of Blood

Hatsune Miku: VR Future Live

Summer Lesson

Cyber Danganronpa VR The Class


VR Tennis Online

Mortal Blitz


Steel Combat





Transcription of English Translation Voice Over of Speaker

Almost a year has passed since the launch of PlayStation VR and it’s proving to be very popular among users indeed.

For further momentum Gran Turismo Sport with VR mode and No Heros Allowed VR and other titles will appear next month. And will have larger supply of PSVR for this.

In order to get more people to experience PlayStation VR, the Playstation VR camera bundled version will be launched on October 14th, with the new price of 44,980¥.

We will have an even grater number of PSVR dedicated content. Please take this opportunity to leap into the world of PlayStation VR.

The second sizzle reel showed PlayStation VR games yet to be release, including:



GT Sport

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV

The Inpatient

VR Suzaku

Bravo Team

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

Ace Combat

Dark Eclipse


The Walker

Kill X

Legion Commander

Ark Park Trailer (no mention of VR)

Gungrave VR Trailer

A-Train Exp. Express Edition Trailer – Simulation game, railroad management, urban development

Anubis Zone of the Enders Trailer –  2018 Spring

Transcription of English Translation

Adding to these titles ___ popular smartphone game that was made into a movie this spring will be on PSVR 2018.

Furthermore PSVR will expand into music and video entertainment through PlayStation Network.

VR Music Festival and VR Digital Theatre Trailer

Looked like some sort of VR environment for watching video, shows clips of an Orchestra, Gravity Daze, Gravity Daze 2, Wild Arms, Ico.


Japan Studio VR Music Festival and VR Digital Theatre you can enjoy game music title as if you were in a concert hall. At the game symphony Japan 23rd concert held in May the various titles produced by Japan Studio were played and you have just listened to some of them.

From tomorrow September 20th one month ahead of general audience, the VR music festival will be available for PS+ subscribers. Bahamas orchestra concert to be enjoyed.

Furthermore ___ newspaper will start distributing video services called News VR. You can select genre such as news, culture and sports among others. You can enjoy 360 videos and panoramic still images. You will feel like you are a reporter in the field.

Furthermore Douga will also provide a video service called Niconico on PlayStation 4. It is PSVR available, you can also enjoy video in virtual reality. Will explore all the possibilities so that the viewers of PlayStation VR will give you the experience you never imagined.

Conference moves on to PlayLink.

At least 39 different games and applications were shown in total.

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