For lowest current Farpoint prices, of Farpoint bundle with aim controller + game and game alone, please see table at the bottom of the page.

On the PlayStation VR front this week, the biggest news has been about Farpoint.  Release date has been confirmed as May 17th.  Pricing has also been confirmed (please see bottom of the page for UK lists, will keep you posted about discount codes!).

Co-op Mode

Online co-op play was also confirmed, for levels you have already completed in single player mode.  Which is a nice touch.  Gives us a good reason to re-play the game.

Farpoint Co-op Mode


As expected a bundle including the Aim controller and the game was announced on the PlayStation EU blog along with a recommended retail price of £74.99 for the bundle and £49.99 for the game (€89.99 and €59.99 in Europe).

It’s nice to see that a pound sign hasn’t just been slapped on the front of the US price this time.  It retails for $79.99 over there.  Which the current exchange rate that is only a £10 difference.  I had feared it could be much worse, after seeing placeholder prices for the gun alone at £99.99 for months.  So this was quite a pleasant surprise.

If you deduct the full price of the game from the bundle, that actually means the Aim controller only costs £25! Far less than move controllers, or even a DualShock 4.

However, I would expect the trade in value of the disc to drop very quickly.  Games that are played better with a specialist peripheral tend to hold their price very badly, especially if they are traded in separately.  So if you intention is to buy the bundle and trade in the game, I would do it as fast as possible after launch 😉


The pre-order bonus content for Farpoint (there’s always something these days isn’t there?), is this Red Planet Wanderer Spacesuit:

Farpoint Red Planet Wanderer Spacesuit Pre-order Bonus Content

This is not limited to digital copies of the game.  People who pre-order the bundle will also get the suit.


True to form, Amazon were the first to get their bundle up for pre-order.  Both the bundle and the game listed exactly for RRP.  However if you pre-order now, the price guarantee will kick in.  If the Amazon price drops at any point before launch day, you will pay the lowest price offered before launch.

Updated 14/05/2017 18:36

Game and Aim Controller Bundle

Amazon £74.99
[increased from £66-ish with code 30/04/2017]

Gameseek £74.86 £79.99
[Back in stock, but price has increased from £74.99 14/05/2017]

ShopTo £69.85

Tesco £75.00
[increased from £65 with code 30/04/2017]

365games £74.99

GAME £74.99

 Farpoint Bundle for PlayStation VR

Game Only


PS Store £49.99


Amazon £42.99
[dropped from £49.99 14/05/2017]

Argos £42.99 £41.85
[dropped from £42.99 14/05/2017]

GAME £44.99
[dropped from £49.99 14/05/2017]

Gameseek £34.84

ShopTo £39.85
[dropped from £44.86 14/05/2017]

Simply Games £34.85

Tesco £49.99

The Hut £49.99  No longer stocked. (shows fake RRP of £54.99!)

Zavvi £44.99
[dropped from £49.99 14/05/2017]

365games £42.99

 Farpoint Cover Art

Aim Controller Only

So far, no stores are selling the Aim controller separately in the UK.  Nor are any stores selling a bundle with a digital code for the game.  Which is a shame.

 PlayStation Aim Gun
E3 Trailer

Story Trailer
Be Immersed Trailer
Offical PlayStation Unboxing Video

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