EB Games in Australia  have got physical copies of Super Stardust Ultra available for pre-order on their website already:


I had imagined that it was going to be similar to the original Super Stardust game, perhaps with some kind of 3D globe.

Along with the pre-order listing EB Games have posted some screenshots of the new VR game and how wrong I was!

Instead of seeing the ship from a top down position like this:

Super Stardust™Ultra_20160614192456

Super Stardust Ultra PlayStation 4 [screenshot taken from my own console]

It appears you play from inside the cockpit. Much more akin to Battlezone, but in a rocky Super Stardust type environment rather than a Tron-esque one:


Super Stardust Ultra PlayStation VR [screenshot linked from EB Games here]

These types of cockpit are starting to feel familiar in VR games.  It has some similarities to both RIGS and Eve Valkyrie too:


Super Stardust Ultra PlayStation VR [screenshot linked from EB Games here]

The only thing that appears to elude to the shape of the original ship at all is the ship icon on the lower right area of the HUD:


Super Stardust Ultra PlayStation VR [screenshot linked from EB Games here]

The only other hint that this is in fact a Super Stardust game is the familiar end boss of the planet Logi:


Super Stardust Ultra PlayStation VR [screenshot linked from EB Games here]

After logging one to many hours in a day playing Resogun, I have often fallen asleep and dreamed about shooting alien ships in the first person.  Looking down the perimeter of the central cylinder and trying to see around the curve.  I can’t say I have ever had those kinds of dreams about Super Stardust.  But I reckon if I did, they would look just like this.

I can picture how the game mechanics could be similar to the original Super Stardust.  Though looking at the screenshots none of the weapons look like the original rock crusher, gold melter or ice splitter.

Can it feel like a Super Stardust game from this perspective?  Will it translate well?  Will it become a completely new game in it’s own right and will it be any good?

I am very thankful it will be a cheap upgrade to the original game, so won’t cost too much to find out.  Given that it will be an upgrade, I surely won’t be able to resist.

So who is making this game?  Could a VR Resogun be on the cards?  I certainly hope so.

Eurogamer reported last year that Housemarque were working on a Morpheus version of the game:


However the stereoscopic test they have shown looks nothing like the VR screenshots shown on the EB Games website.

I hope it is Housemarque.  If anyone has the skills to pull this off and keep it fun to play it’s our Finnish friends!

Update 26/06/2016

Housemarque kind pointed me in the right direction.  This is not their game, the VR game is made by d3t Ltd.

d3t have written about the process of porting Super Stardust to PSVR:

Though it still looks like more than a plain port to me!

Update 19/08/2016

PlayStation Access have uploaded a video of Super Stardust VR gameplay!  Though they made the same mistake as me and have credited  it to Housemarque.

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