So excited to be going to EGX Rezzed.  I have barely slept in a week.  I type this now, with gritty eyes and a swirling head from sleep deprivation.  It’s a long there journey for me, so I expect to be a completely wrecked shell of a human being by the time I return.  In the best possible way.

I am hoping to see much VR.  This will be my first ‘proper’ VR experience.  So far I have only tried Google cardboard.  I’ve been promised a session on Gear VR so many times, which hasn’t materialised.  I thought it best to buy a ticket, skip the phone VR stage all together and go for the hard stuff.

PlayStation VR is the main attraction for me.  I’ve been dying to get my hands on it and this is the first time Sony have invited the general public to play, rather than test it.

I was nervous about buying a ticket though.  They said people would be able to book sessions to try PSVR, but gave no indication of when, how many slots there would be, or which days they would be on.  So I was going backwards and forwards about booking a ticket to EGX Rezzed.  It’s a long way to go to not play!

I chose to go on the Saturday after seeing a seeing a Radial-G tweet about getting a last minute spot at EGX.

That clinched it for me.  I was already dying to go, but WipEout inspired Radial-G was something I had fallen in love with from the minute I first saw the trailer.

At least if I didn’t get to try PSVR, I would have a chance at playing Radial-G.

Fortunately, a few days later @PlayStationUK announced today was the day sessions could be booked.  I cancelled all my plans for the day and sat anxiously next to my stone age laptop, refreshing the page.

It was early evening by the time sessions could be booked.  I needn’t have cancelled my plans, but I would never have been able to settle down anyway.

I booked a slot on Saturday with no trouble.  Every single time slot appeared to be available, so I guess I was near the front of the queue.

I was so relieved.  I would be able to play after all.  I could also catch up on some sleep.  I had programmed my wristband to wake me up every time PlayStation or EGX said anything at all on Twitter.

I’m still wondering which game I should choose to play if I get a choice.

RIGS looks like the most complete game, but I think I would ideally like to play something with move controllers, rather than DS4 for the whole experience.

Alienation needs a mention too.  It’s my most warmly anticipated game of the year and while I will have it on my own console at the end of the month, I am itching to see it.

I’m curious to see Dark Souls 3 as well, even though I think it might not be for me.  I have been putting in the time with Bloodborne lately and my friends are all avid players.

I want to see What mains of Edith Finch, by Giant Sparrow.  They made Unfinished Swan and I loved that game.

The Assembly looks pretty interesting to.

Then I think I will see where the day takes me.  Hopefully to as many VR games as possible.

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